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Some data needs to be presented in the tabular form. For example, time table, comparisons, complex data etc. Html provides us with the table tag to do so.

Table Tag

<table> </table>

This is the main tag. This element is used to create a table in a website.

The tr tag

<tr> </tr>

This tag indicates the table row.

The th tag

<th> </th>

Table heading tag. This tag is used for the row and column headings

The td tag

<td> </td>

This is table data tag. Every row contains columns. This tag makes up a column. You can add as many columns as you want using the td tag.

Example of a simple table

	   <th>Name of the student</th>
<!-- this is a comment in html. It starts with <!-- and ends with -->  -->
<!-- Here second row starts-->
	   <td>Raj</td> <!-- First column-->
	   <td>18</td> <!-- Second column-->
<!-- Third row starts-->
<!-- Fourth row starts-->
See output
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