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List Tags

Lists are used at various occasions such as listing of methods to carry out a task, list of movie names, set of steps of a recipe and so on.

Html provides us with 3 different types of lists.

Ordered Lists

<ol> </ol>

Ordered lists are the lists where the list items are numbered. This can be used where there is a need to number the steps. For example, steps to make a photo frame using waste materials.

The <li> tag

The li or the list item tag is used to enter the list items.


<h4>Steps to make tea</h4>
	<li>Boil Water</li>
	<li>Put some crushed ginger</li>
	<li>Put sugar and tea powder</li>
	<li>Add some milk</li>
	<li>Pour into a cup and Enjoy</li>
The output would be

Steps to make tea

  1. Boil Water
  2. Put some crushed ginger
  3. Put sugar and tea powder
  4. Add some milk
  5. Pour into a cup and Enjoy
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