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Adding hyperlinks using Anchor Tag - Text Links

Anchor Tag

<a href="link"> Some text </a>

Hyperlinks are very important for the world wide web. Without hyperlinks the web would not have been interlocking and inter-related as it is today.

Hyperlinks are used to


<a href="http://letzcode.in" target="_blank" > Letzcode </a> is an online learning website
Output would be

Letzcode is an online learning website

By default, an unvisited link is always underlined and blue, a visited link is underlined and purple and an active link is underlined and red. This can be changed using css properties.

The href attribute

The href attribute is used to specify the link.

The target attribute

This attribute tells the browser where to open the linked website or any other document.
There are different values for the target attriubte. Some of which are

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