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Structual Tags

Italic Tag

<i> </i>

This tag is used to make the text italic.

Example of italicized text:
People fear failure so much that many of them avoid failing. They choose to be a mediocre rather than being a failure. I personally love the people who make mistakes, and I would love to work with such people. Because mistakes and failures at least prove that they have tried to do something new.

	<title> Italic Tag- Structural Tags </title> 

Fear of failure compels us to take wrong decisions. In the fear of 
being <i>laughed</i> at, in the fear of being <i>criticised</i>, in the fear of
being a <i>failure</i>, we often hesitate to do what we wish to do. And the
hesitation due to the fear of being a failure makes us a loser.
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