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Important and Basic html Tags

Html scripts are written using various tags. Few basic tags are

The html tag

<html> </html>

Every html document starts and ends with the html tag. This tag is closed only at the end of the script, that is all the content and other tags comes between the <html> </html> tags.

Head and Body Tags

Every html document contains two sections, head and body.

an image representing the head and body tags

Head tag

<head> </head>

The head tag contains the tags which gives the extra information about the website.
Tags such as

<meta> <title> <script>
are placed between the head tags.

Body tag

<body> </body>

All the content which is to be displayed on the webpage comes in the body tag.

Title Tag

<title> </title>

This tag defines a title for the website. The words that you enter between the title tags will be displayed as the title of the webpage in the web browser tool bar. The title tags comes in between the head tags.

	<title> Basic Html Tags - Letzcode </title> 

Note: An html document cannot have more than one title tag.

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