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Before you start...

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
It is used to design web pages.
Unlike other computer languages, HTML is easier to learn.


In order to learn webdesigning, you need to have a text editor like notepad or text edit and a web browser.

Some basic terms


When a html text is written, it is known as html script.
And the one who writes html scripts is known as the author.

Tags and Attributes


Tags are the element names surrounded by the angle brackets.
Tags usually come in pairs such as

<p> </p> 

The first tag in the above example is the starting tag (opening tag) and the second tag is the end tag (closing tag).
The end tag is represented with a forward slash before the element name.
Few examples of tags:
<p> </p>
<body> </body>
<h1> </h1>
<div> </div>

Note:The terms elements and tags means the same.
To be precised, elements denote the words which are within the brackets.


Attributes gives the extra information about the tag and it is placed in the opening tag. It consists of a name and value.

Empty Elements

Empty elements are also known as self-closing tags.
These tags do not have any content between them and hence are called as empty elements.
Few examples of empty elements are


Note:In earlier versions of html, the empty elements used a forward slash after the element name. Example: <br /> In html5 it is not mandatory to put a forward slash.

Note:In XHTML, it is compulsory to close the tag. Thats why it is recommended to put a / after the element name.

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