Round 2 details

Note: Round 2 submissions will start on 20th of October and will end on 10th of December

Round 2 is a practical round. Students are supposed to make their projects based on the topics given. Students may make the projects at home and complete within the given time.

Students may use any of the following applications to make their projects. (Use any one of the applications)

Category A (5th - 6th Standard)

Category B (7th - 8th Standard)

Category C (9thh -10th Standard)

Judgement criteria for round 2

Category wise topics

Projects should be made on any one of the topics

Category A

  1. Swachh Bharat Mission
  2. Contribution of A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Category B

  1. What should a smartphone be able to do? - Student's views and opinions
  2. Self Driving Cars

Category C

  1. Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) take over the world?
  2. Latest Inventions (Any 3)
Note: Students will be judged on their practical knowledge


  1. Students using PowerPoint and word should make a minimum of 12 slides/pages
  2. Student using paint should make one painting
  3. Students should make use of 5 to 7 images in their project
  4. Date of submission will be conveyed to the school authorities. Students are expected to upload the projects before due date. The upload instructions will be put up on the website.
  5. Students are requested to stay in touch with the website for details