About Letzcode

Letzcode is an education company with an aim to make every child familiar with the computer and technology. We are a group of tech enthusiasts who wish to change the way students learn to code. Being self-taught coders and designers, we know what suits students the best and strive to provide them with the best we have. We don't leave any stones unturned to do the seemingly impossible things. Not all students are familiar with the term technology, so Letzcode works to bring out the competitive tech environment among the students by conducting workshops, conferences, tech challenges, seminars, quizzes and talks. 

Letzcode Tech Challenge 2018

Letzcode Tech Challenge is a contest to test the knowledge of pre-university students in the field of Computers. It's a challenge where students will be tested based on their general knowledge, practical ability, cyber security and online safety and the advancement in the field of Computer and Technology.

Letzcode Tech Challenge is a three round competition. Round 1 will test the students based on their general knowledge, cyber security, application knowledge and online safety. Whereas round 2 will encourage the students to show their practical skills. Round 3 will be a live round which will be held during the award show.
Participate in the biggest tech challenge
Make your masterpiece project to compete in the second round
Compete in the final round and win the prizes