Answer The Objective Test
Compete with the top rankers in the practical round
Win The Prizes

Round 1

  • Free and Open for all
  • Question-Answer Format
3 categories
Category A ( 5th Std. - 6th Std.)
Category B ( 7th Std. - 8th Std.)
Category C ( 9th Std. - 10th Std.)
This round will test your
  • General Knowledge
  • Computer Awareness and Security
  • Computer Knowledge and..
  • Advancement in the field
Judgement Criteria
  • Correct answer fetches 1 mark.
  • Answering starred questions will fetch 3 marks
  • In case of ties, number of starred questions answered correctly will be considered for ranking.
  • Ranking will be done category wise.
  • Students will be selected based on the selection criteria and will be given merit certificates.
  • School Ranks and the merit list of the selected students will be displayed in the school and on the website.
  • Note: Judgement once made will not be changed

Round 2

Its a practical round.
The competition is open only for the eligible students selected from the first round.
Students need to pay a registration fees of rupees 500 to participate in the tech challenge.
  • Each category will have different themes.
  • Projects should be made using PowerPoint, Word, Paint, Html, CSS etc.
    Every category will have different applications. Will be announced later on the website
  • Time will be given to complete the project
    Applications to be used for round 2
  • Category A:
    1. MS Word
    2. MS Paint
    3. MS PowerPoint
    4. Paint 3D
  • Category B:
    1. MS Word
    2. MS PowerPoint
  • Category C:
    1. MS PowerPoint
    2. HTML
    3. CSS
  • Students should use any one of the given applications
  • Date of submission will be conveyed to the school teachers once the registrations are done
  • Projects should be uploaded before the submission date on the website.
  • The instructions to upload the project will be put up soon after the second round starts
  • For any queries and suggestions, please email us on or call us on 8975305953 (Preferably after 5pm)
Judgement Criteria
  • Computer Application / Knowledge
  • Presentation / Design
  • Creativity

    Selection Procedure for round 2 (Round 2 Ranking Procedure)

  1. Once all schools are done with round 2, the projects will be judged based on the above criteria

  2. Rankings will be done based on round 2 marks and top 40 students from each category will be selected

  3. A test will be set based on the projects made by the students and/or a viva will be taken. (This will help us to ensure the projects are made by the students) The test will be held offline, details of which will be conveyed later.

  4. Once again, ranking will be made based on the marks scored in the test and viva. (NOTE: This ranking is not based on round 2 marks. It is based on marks scored in test/viva.)

  5. Top 10 rankers from each category will be selected. (Based on test/viva marks)

  6. To the marks of these top 10 rankers, Round 2 marks will be added.

  7. A new and final ranking of the same top 10 students will be made. (This ranking procedure will ensure that all the students with genuine projects are above the fold and deserve to be finalists. This final list will be displayed on the website.)

  • Final Round Details Coming Soon

Note: The rules and regulations may change. We request you to stay updated and be in touch with the website. Any changes made will be put up on the website the very same day.